If our "transparent" president wants US to rat out "Insider Threats" in the US Government other than people like Edward Snowden who have revealed the NSA spy policy is transparent as mud, then a little introspection is in order because the National Security Agency analysts have broken privacy rules thousands of times.  The Washington Post, using documents provided by NSA leaker Edward Snowden, reported that the NSA "has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008."

(insert laugh track here) "We take each report seriously, investigate the matter, address the issue, constantly look for trends, and address them as well -- all as a part of NSA's internal oversight and compliance efforts," said a statement from John DeLong, NSA's director of compliance.

In a separate statement, the NSA said its "foreign intelligence collection activities are continually audited and overseen internally and externally. When we make a mistake in carrying out our foreign intelligence mission, we report the issue internally and to federal overseers and aggressively get to the bottom of it."

DeLong of the NSA said, "We want people to report if they have made a mistake or even if they believe that an NSA activity is not consistent with the rules," and that the NSA has set up an "internal privacy compliance program."  Drop the report form off at the main gate as you hand your ID card to the guard on your way out.

"They manage NSA's rules, train personnel, develop and implement technical safeguards, and set up systems to continually monitor and guide NSA's activities," DeLong said. "We take this work very seriously."

Obama has also appointed a special commission of experts to report by the end of the year "so that we can move forward with a better understanding of how these programs impact our security, our privacy, and our foreign policy."

We UNDERSTAND perfectly.  In this administration you don't have to keep US guessing who the real INSIDER THREAT is.